Looking for a suitable partner for your payroll accounting? We can take care of this on a national and international basis! Payroll accounting is an essential part of any company that deals with correct accounting and administration of its employees’ wages and salaries. Effective payroll accounting ensures not only the punctual payment of salaries, but also compliance with legal regulations and the avoidance of errors.

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing. As a tax firm, we are always up to date on the latest developments and ensure that your payroll is adjusted accordingly.

Why we take care of your payroll accounting


In times of progressive digitization, digital data exchange plays a crucial role in the payroll of large companies.



For large and medium-sized companies with 100 or more employees, payroll accounting is a complex and ever-evolving activity.


On the safe side

Correct payroll and compliance with the payroll are important obligations of the employer. It is advisable to consult a payroll professional.


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Your advantages of outsourcing payroll accounting

Cost and time savings

Outsourcing the payroll accounting – nationwide and internationally – offers you the advantage of reducing financial and time-consuming costs. By having an external service provider take care of payroll accounting, the need to hire your own employee is eliminated. Especially for SMEs, the costs for employees engaged exclusively in payroll are often disproportionate.

Focus on business

It is often the case that payroll accounting is done on the side. However, this means that valuable skills are lost that could be used elsewhere to develop the company. Outsourcing payroll accounting frees up important capacities that can be used to successfully establish the company on the market.

Preventing fluctuation

By outsourcing payroll, business owners can protect themselves from potential staffing failures, such as those that may occur during illness or vacation and delay the preparation of payroll accounting. Hiring another professional is often impractical for many companies. Especially if the internal accountant in charge of payroll resigns unexpectedly, this can have a negative impact on the entire company.

All costs are transparent

By outsourcing payroll, you retain full control: you book only the benefits you actually need and pay a fixed price per salary and per employee. This allows you, as the client, to calculate the cost of outsourcing in advance and there are no unpleasant surprises. Unlike hiring your own employee or team for payroll accounting within the company, the cost of downtime or vacation and additional education and training costs are also eliminated.

Lohnworx Professionalism

By outsourcing payroll, you are always on the safe side. Once the calculation factors are known, payroll follows a strict and unchanging pattern. The risk that salaries are not legally correct often arises when internally hired employees are not trained in a timely manner when legislation changes. In no other jurisdiction do regulations and laws have a shorter half-life than wages.

High flexibility is standard

In a continuously growing company, you need to constantly build appropriate administrative structures in addition to your entrepreneurial activity. This process can be very time-consuming for many companies, especially SMEs. As a result, many companies choose to outsource payroll to an external partner in order to focus on their core business and reduce administrative burdens.

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Internal payroll accounting often consists of a team of two to three payroll accountants who prepare the corresponding monthly payrolls, make social security declarations and transmit the necessary data to the tax authorities, as well as taking care of certification and communication with institutions.
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