Impact of digitisation on your payroll

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How your company benefits from digitisation in payroll

In times of progressive digitization, digital data exchange plays a crucial role in the payroll of large companies. The introduction of digital payroll data has proven to be extremely important as it offers a variety of benefits and significantly optimizes traditional paper-based processes. Below, we introduce you to the importance of digital data exchange, automation of payroll processes, integration with other systems, and a comparison of some digital payroll systems.

Why is digitalisation so important in payroll accounting?

Digital data exchange is of great importance in payroll accounting as it allows payroll data to be processed more efficiently, accurately and quickly. Errors due to incorrect input can also be avoided. In a modern company with over 100 employees, digital transformation has revolutionized payroll accounting. Thanks to automation and efficient digital data exchange between the human resources department and payroll, payroll processes are more efficient and accurate than ever before.

As ECOVIS KSO, we understand the challenges large companies face when it comes to payroll.

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We create individual reports on personnel costs, cost centre evaluations and other relevant information,
to provide you with the best possible support in controlling your company.

Data collection

By integrating your personal data with our systems, manual input is eliminated.
The data are checked for plausibility directly at the time of collection, so that errors are avoided in the future.

Data transmission

Sensitive personal data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.
Documents that we exchange with clients by mail are in principle always provided with a password. Technical tools are used, such as a GDPR-compliant cloud, through which data can be exchanged.


Our automated systems ensure an accurate and fast salary calculation.

Digital processing of payroll data thanks to digitization

  • Efficiency gains: Digitalization minimizes manual processes, resulting in significant time savings. Your employees can focus on strategic tasks while routine work is automated.
  • Accuracy and compliance: Modern payroll systems are linked to the latest legal regulations and payroll tax tables. In addition, standard documents and certificates can be drawn up and sent directly electronically to the relevant authorities and institutions. This ensures that your payroll is always accurate and compliant with the law.
  • Security: Digitalization enables secure data transmission and storage. Sensitive personal data is protected from unauthorized access, ensuring data security.
  • Integrated solutions: Digital payroll systems can be seamlessly connected to other company systems, such as time recording systems, HR administration and finance. This creates a consistent database and avoids redundancies, so that data can also be exchanged on this basis.
  • Professional Expertise: As a tax consultancy firm, we have specialised experts in payroll accounting. Our payroll team is always up to date with the latest legislation and regularly undergoes further training in order to stay up-to-date and ensure the best possible support. Of course, this also includes ensuring that your payroll is settled correctly and on time. Self-management and time management are very important to us.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Our firm is designed to meet the individual needs of large companies. We can flexibly adapt our services to your business size and requirements.
  • Cost savings: By outsourcing payroll to a specialist tax advisory firm, you will save the cost of internal administration and maintenance of your own payroll system.
  • Advantages of digitisation: As a tax consultancy, we are well versed in the benefits of digitisation. We use modern payroll accounting systems to perform payroll data processing efficiently and accurately.

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Digitisation is an indispensable solution for large and medium-sized companies today. Switching to a tax firm with payroll data processing allows you to save time and money, focus on strategic tasks and ensure the security and accuracy of your payroll accounting. As a tax firm, we are ideally equipped to optimise your payroll data processing and facilitate a smooth transition. Rely on our expertise and the benefits of digitalisation to manage your payroll data efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, we are in regular contact with the German Pension Insurance and the tax authorities and are also happy to assist you with tax audits by preparing the required data and information that will be used for the audit.

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