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Just for your business, we offer a comprehensive and highly specialized solution for your day-to-day human resources work. So you can outsource your payroll and no longer have to worry about deadlines and obligations. Our high-performance team enables the efficient processing of payroll and payroll – whether 100 or 1,000 employees.

With our bespoke services, you will save valuable time, reduce administrative burdens and reduce your costs at the same time. We offer you attractive fixed prices and rely on outsourcing so you can focus on your core business.

Trust our experienced payroll professionals to know your payroll in safe hands.

Companies of a large size and from various sectors now rely increasingly on firms such as ECOVIS KSO to implement their payroll accounting.

Let us help you make your human resources work more efficient and smooth so that your business can continue to operate successfully.

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When does it make sense to switch to payroll and when should you outsource payroll accounting?

For large and medium-sized companies with 100 or more employees, payroll accounting is a complex and ever-evolving activity. In-house payroll often consists of a team of two to three payroll accountants who prepare monthly payroll statements, make social security returns and submit data to the tax administration, as well as certifying and communicating with institutions.

Experience has shown that, at a certain point in time, the assistance of an experienced tax advisory firm will be necessary in order to be able to assess matters correctly from the point of view of payroll tax and social security law. Specialities require experienced professionals who handle the different cases in order to best support and advise you as a company in billing-related matters. Outsourcing, but right, is our top priority.

In principle, cooperation is possible at any time. Often it makes sense to start the cooperation at the beginning of a new calendar year, but we are at your disposal even under the year. Our payroll team is made up of over 25 colleagues, of different ages, who are happy to bring your expertise and experience to serve as a permanent and qualified contact for your company’s payroll process. Regular exchanges as well as open communication are the key to success for us.

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Lohnworx Full-Service – how you can outsource your payroll accounting

Assumption of liability for payroll

By hiring our service team, you transfer responsibility for any payroll errors to us and therefore reduce your risk of liability. However, our primary goal is to avoid mistakes from the outset. In addition to having expertise in calculating wages, salaries, taxes and social security contributions, our specialist team is well versed in the legal background. We keep ourselves constantly up-to-date through further training to always deal with legal issues correctly.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing your payroll to experienced professionals offers you numerous benefits. As a result, you gain valuable free space in your business that you can use to implement your projects. Payroll requires specialist knowledge and the use of modern programs that allow efficient automation. Employing an accountant for this task is often uneconomical, even with a larger workforce. Therefore, many companies rely on the expertise of external service providers.

Challenges with own payroll accounting

There are a number of risks and challenges involved in trying to manage payroll internally. These can have costly consequences, such as tax delays or investigations into possible tax evasion. The correct deduction of SV contributions is also important, as there is no tolerance on the part of the sickness funds and the authorities. Particularly with complex pay structures and different hiring relationships, billing becomes a challenge, which is why hiring an experienced payroll office is recommended to handle this task in a professional manner.

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Benefits in comparison - Payroll accounting systems


DATEV systems are widespread throughout Germany and offer comprehensive and service-oriented payroll accounting. They are characterized by high reliability and security, especially for tax offices.

Sage Payroll

Sage provides a well-integrated payroll solution with flexible features to meet the needs of large companies.


Gusto is known for its user-friendly interface and offers a variety of payroll and personnel management features.

Why is internal payroll accounting alone no longer enough?

Payroll accounting in large companies presents numerous challenges. With the steadily increasing number of employees, the administrative burden in the human resources department is also increasing. The payroll process is becoming increasingly cumbersome as different employment contracts are drawn up, salary structures and benefits are recorded, and a variety of notifications and applications are submitted. In addition, there are various legal adjustments that need to be taken into account and require a precise knowledge in order to be able to prepare the payroll without errors. Considering the fact that employees are not at home due to sickness or leave, the process is stalled and billing matters may be forgotten, resulting in a significant additional expense in the aftermath.

To illustrate the benefits of working with a tax consultant, let’s consider a hypothetical company of 150 employees that has previously operated its own payroll. Suppose the average cost of payroll is 50,000 euros per year, including personnel costs and software licenses. Now the company uses the services of a tax consultant who charges an annual amount of 40,000 euros for payroll accounting. The company thus achieves an annual cost saving of 10,000 euros.

In addition to cost savings, the company also benefits from the expertise of the tax advisory firm, which ensures that all tax aspects of payroll accounting are handled correctly and efficiently. In addition, as a tax advisory firm, we offer to take over the certification system for you, to keep an eye on all data transmission deadlines and to communicate with institutions and authorities. Other services, such as advice on employee retention and satisfaction benefits, complete our offer.

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